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Living and Giving Program

The Living and Giving Community Service Program provides opportunities for residents to be involved in group and individual volunteer activities in the neighborhood and throughout the local community. 

“According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) has identified four major dimensions that support a person in recovery Health, Home, Purpose and Community and the four major dimensions that support a person in recovery.  Community Service helps satisfy two of the four dimensions:  Purpose and Community.  Finding a purpose means engaging in activities that a person finds rewarding.  Community means spending ones time actively building healthy relationships with individuals.  Through volunteering, those in recovery are able to gain support and find friendships through a new network of people they may have never met otherwise.”    [Safety Net Recovery  August 2, 2016]

The Living and Giving Program helps residents:
Find a sense of purpose, structure and meaning in their life routine.
Find healthy connections and relationships in their community and
discover potential vocational and/or workplace interests.


  • Residents provide monthly Living and Giving service projects in the Ridge Street neighborhood and throughout the local community.
  • Residents who are need a structured daily activity may be matched with a Living and Giving service site and provide individual community services.
  • Pre-service training and post-service reflection are held before and after a community service activity.
  • Residents receive recognition for their involvement in the Living and Giving program.