​The role of Georgia's Healing House could not be more important both to the women in need and the community as a whole, (especially given today's drug epidemic.)

All lives are important and matter. The generous donations and contributions from the friends of Georgia's Healing House, and other interested persons and businesses are critical to the care for our residents, as well as, the maintenance, and future of our house. This also plays a role in maintaining integrity of our program.

 Planned Giving

For information about planned giving, please contact us directly. Some of these gifts may have a significant tax advantage for you.

Donor Restricted Gifts

These are gifts which can be earmarked to support specific projects or programs or for specific purposes. Any of these donation types must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

At times we may reach out asking for support for a specific purpose.                                         


Wish List

Georgia's Healing House has an ever-changing wish list. Our most recent list:

Priority Items:

Store Gift Cards - for women's personal necessities.

Charlottesville Bus (CAT) monthly passes - many of the women come to the house without a valid driver's license or means of getting around to jobs, programs, school or many other necessary destinations.

UBER Gift Cards - for days/times/places the bus lines do not run, other transportation is necessary.

Shoes - comfortable shoes are a must and unfortunately many of the women cannot afford shoes as there are many other items and financial commitments that must come first. Also, many of our women enter some kind of food service position and while it is not always required they wear restaurant quality shoes, it is highly suggested. These tend to be more expensive than the regular, everyday shoes.

Personal Items:





Hair cut vouchers

Toilet paper/Kleenex

Fun Items:

Movie passes

Seasonal event passes

Museum passes


Personal growth Items:

Tuition assistance, (varied courses/classes)


The healing power of animals...during the last decades, animal assistance in therapy, education, and care has greatly increased. Today, the value of animal-assisted therapy and activities is widely acknowledged. Recovery from addiction can be demanding and draining. Having a pet can lend to laughing, caring for something else, exercise, developing accountability, giving and receiving unconditional love. Cleo, our house healing cat has proven this over and over again. 

And, however, just like with any pet comes their needs, (which cost) to care for them properly. We are also asking for donations to care for our much loved girl.


Donate either online or via mail:



     2.  Georgia’s Friends, 405 Ridge Street, C’ville, 22902

LOVE...Pass It On! 

The women at Georgia's Healing House, "HOPE" you will support our campaign so we can continue our recovery journeys, reunite with our families, find safe and affordable housing, locate meaningful employment and live healthy, happy and purposeful lives.

Founding Members: $20,000 or more            

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Georgia's Friends​