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Jane Avary Barbour​​


February 3, 1951 - June 8, 2006

Our Signature Initiative:

Georgia’s Healing House is a home for women in their initial stages of recovery from alcohol and/or drug dependency. Residents must be 18 or above, (with no direct responsibility for children.) Most of the women are usually referred to us by mental health professionals, organizations or professionals in the criminal justice system. The women must be willing to participate in the development of an individualized treatment plan, seek and maintain employment or school soon upon entry, follow all house rules, participate actively in a cooperative living environment and attend 12-step meetings regularly. Our target is that approximately 45% of resident income will help support the operation of Georgia’s Healing House. Our program is designed to help women create and maintain a healthy way to live clean and sober lives, and are become productive and useful members of our community.  

Living and Giving launches!

On Sunday, February 17, the Georgia’s Healing House - Living and Giving Program was launched with a visit to Cedars Nursing Home.  The GHH women engaged with Cedars’ residents, played bingo, and helped them to have a fun social evening.

“It feels so good to help people. When I left tonight, I felt like I really had a purpose,” Andrea, GHH resident.  “Tonight was so meaningful.  I want to go again”  Heather Elizabeth, GHH resident.

The seniors loved working with the ladies of GHH.  They enjoyed their smiles and loved their pretty prizes.  Margaret Thacker, Activities Director at Cedars commented that “the residents keep asking me ‘when are the ladies coming back?’”

GHH residents will also be involved in other Living and Giving service projects in the Ridge Street neighborhood, including engagement with Barrett Day Care and the local fire department.  These activities help build strong neighborhood ties while contributing to the residents’ growth and development in the community.
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​​​​A memory lives on...

Georgia’s Healing House Opened September 2015 and is providing a safe, structured living environment to assist women in recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction, and from the wounds of trauma and mental health challenges that often accompany such addictions. Women need a home to heal and become healthy, self-reliant and productive members of our community. Our house is built on evidenced-based models for women in recovery and is providing this.

Georgia’s Friends came together in 2006 after their friend, Georgia, died in a jail cell following a long struggle with alcoholism. We believed that Georgia would be alive if she had a safe house in which to recover and heal from her disease. 

We founded Georgia’s Friends, receiving non-profit 501(c)(3) status in 2010. Our vision is a healing house for women, providing them with a supportive living environment as they maintain sobriety and build a new life after treatment or incarceration. That year about 50 community members formed a community council to launch Georgia’s Healing House.

Our Mission: Georgia's Healing House, the signature initiative of Georgia's Friends provides a safe,    therapeutic and structured home for adult women in the early stages of recovery from substance abuse  and mental health challenges.